The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter I

Paper Title Session ID
I'm Gonna Get a Lawyer Session 160: RS108
Identifying Characteristics of Exemplary First Line Supervisors in the Baltimore Police Department Session 424: PP98
Identifying Street Level Drug Markets and Their Relationships to Facilities {Poster Location 35} Session 358: PS1
Identifying the Prevalence and Correlates of Ecstasy and Other Club Drug (EOCD) Use Among High School Seniors Session 63: RS49
Identifyiong the Structural Correlates of African-American Killings: What Can We Learn From Data Disaggregation? Session 119: PP27
Identity and Adolescent Drug Use: The Influence of Reflected Appraisals by Teachers Session 350: TC39
"If I Can't Have You, No One Can": Further Exploration of Estrangement Increasing the Risk of Intimate Partner Femicide Session 199: RS137
Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain...Unless it's a Police Officer: Sterling v. Minersville: A Socio-legal Perspective Session 547: RS336
Ignore Warnings, I Became a Criminologist Session 144: PP33
Illicit Drug Use, Alcohol Use, and Depression in Young Adulthood as a Consequence of Delinquency Trajectories During Middle Adolescence Session 593: RS379
Images of Corporate Crime: A Media Analysis of the Breaking Stories in the Enron Case Session 497: RS301
Impact of Anti-Money Laundering Efforts in Canada Session 9: RS6
Impact of Citizen Perceptions of Community Policing on Fear of Crime: Findings From Twelve Cities Session 490: PP119
The Impact of Criminal Justice Policy Changes on Jail Populations Session 54: PP3
Impact of Cybercrime on Consumer Internet Behavior Session 280: RS178
Impact of Federal Justice Policy on Cook County and Illinois Session 396: RS240
Impact of Gang Membership on Adolescent Violence Trajectories Session 455: PP110
Impact of Gender on Attribution Assignment in the Processing of Juvenile Offenders: Preliminary Findings) Session 432: RS265
The Impact of Immigration on Ethnic-Specific Violence: Identifying Individual and Community Characteristics in Miami Session 467: RS283
Impact of Jail Diversion on Individuals With Co-Occurring Mental Illness and substance Use Session 122: PP30
The Impact of New Immigration Patterns on the Provision of Police Services in Midwestern Communities Session 555: RS344
Impact of Offender and Programmatic Characteristics on the Effectiveness of a Cognitive Skills Rehabilitation Program Session 389: RS234
The Impact of Ohio's Determinate Sentencing Scheme on Case Processing in Trial Courts of General Jurisdiction Session 518: PP123
The Impact of Opening a Supermaximum Prison on Levels of Institutional Violence: The Evidence From Illinois Session 305: PP73
The Impact of Perceived Offense Seriousness and Perceived Risk of Victimization on Fear of Gang Crime Session 89: PP17
The Impact of Proactive Policing on the Decline of Violent Crime in New York City: An Analysis of Short-Term Changes at the Local Level Session 184: RS132
Impact of Quality-of-Life Policing on Arrest and Arrestee Characteristics in New York City Session 21: RS18
The Impact of Religion on Homicides in Urban Neighborhoods {Poster Location 43} Session 358: PS1
The Impact of School Risk Factors on Self-Reported Crime, Delinquency and Vicitimisation Session 558: RS346
The Impact of Situational Officer, and Neighborhood Characteristics on Police Behavior: A Multilevel Analysis Session 139: RS104
Impact of State (Illinois) Justice Policy on Cook County Session 396: RS240
The Impact of the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility on Post-Release Drug Use and Recidivism Session 68: RS54
Impact of the Level of Judicial Supervision on Treatment Success of Drug-Abusing Offenders Session 530: RS319
Impact of the Prison Industrial Complex on Women Session 171: RS119
Impact of the Prison Litigation Reform Act on Inmate Lawsuits Filed at the Appellate Court Level {Poster Location 63} Session 358: PS1
The Impact of the Swiss Heroin Prescription Program on Delinquent Involvement and Social Situation of the Persons Treated Session 236: RS155
The Impact of Transitional Services Programming on Offender Reintegration Session 367: RS212
The Impact of Truth-in-Sentencing on Prison Violence and Misconduct The New Nersey Experience Session 464: RS280
The Impact of United States v. Lopez on Federal Criminal Jurisdiction in the Lower Federal Courts Session 324: RS199
The Impact of Violence on Neighborhood Business Activity Session 298: PP66
The Impact on Recidivism of Three New York City Drug Courts: Results From Quasi-Experimental Designs Analyzing Post-Intake and Post-Program Recidivism Session 211: RS149
The Implementation and Evaluation of a Freshman Experience Course for Criminology Majors Session 376: RS221
Implementation and Impact of "Get Tough" Sentencing Laws: The Effect of Prosecutorial Discretion Session 601: RS387
Implementation of Proposition 36 in Santa Clara County Session 530: RS319
Implementing Drug Courts in New York City: Lessons from Three Evaluations Session 211: RS149
Implementing Reentry Programming in Correctional Facilities Session 367: RS212
Implementing Treatment in a Probation Setting: What is Being Evaluated? Session 373: RS218
Implications of Childhood Shame and Guilt for Criminal Behavior in Early Adulthood Session 99: RS75
Implications of Variations in County Jury Selection Processes for Potential Biases: Evidence From Pennsylvania Counties Session 146: PP35
The Importance of Drug Courts: Lessons From Measuring Impact Session 416: PP90
The Importance of Program Fidelity in Explaining Research Outcomes: An Examination of Parents Participating in the Strengthening Washington, D.C. Families Project Session 366: RS211
The Importance of Quality of Life on Perceived Risk Among the Elderly Session 25: RS22
The Importance of Social Biography and Oral History in Qualitative Methods Session 110: RS86
The Importance of the Interaction of Developmental Factors and Social Context in Serious Adolescent Offenders Session 516: PP121
Imposed Identities and Parole Agent Discretion Session 263: PP59
Imposition and Outcomes of Restitution Orders Session 386: RS231
Imprisoning women: The Unintended Victims of Mass Imprisonment Session 94: RS70
Improving the Odds for Kids: Tracking the Success of an Early Delinquency Intervention Program Session 19: RS16
In Search of Restorative Jurisprudence Session 52: PP1
In Their Own Voices: Women's Reentry Experiences Session 399: RS243
Incarcerated Women, Anger and Prison Session 429: RS262
Incidence of Serial Homicide Offenders: The Influence of Sociological Variables Session 314: TC34
Incidents of Discrimination and Risk for Delinquency: A Longitudinal Study of African American Adolescents Session 85: PP13
Inclusion and Shifting Paradigms: Constructing Theory Differently Session 228: TC12
Inclusion in the Discipline of Criminology Session 130: RS95
Incorporating Positive Youth Development Into Juvenile Justice Session 579: RS367
Increasing Fear of Crime, Getting Tough onCriminals and Rising Prison Population: Overcrowding in Japanese Prisons Session 329: RS204
The Increasing the Economic Consequences of Prison Privatization Session 287: RS185
Indigenous People and Criminal Justice Education Session 43: RS40
Individual Difference and Attitude4 Change: A National Evaluation of Juvenile Boot Camps and Juvenile Correctional Facilities. Does Race Matter? Session 37: RS34
The Inductive Content Analysis Research Method Session 110: RS86
The Ineffectiveness of Current Criminological Theories in Explaining Terrorism Session 349: TC38
The Influence of Child Discipline on Vietnamese American Youths: An Ethnographic Case Study of Vietnamese Gangs Session 340: PP81
The Influence of Community Characteristics on the Sentencing of Felony Defendants Session 481: RS297
The Influence of Geographic Differences on Drug Use and Dependency Among Urban Arrestees Session 72: RS58
The Influence of Perceived Crime Seriousness on Punishment Policy: A Comparative Investigation Session 603: RS389
The Influence of Prosecutorial Style on Case Outcome in Two Rural Indiana Counties Session 600: RS386
The Influence of Returning Gang Member Inmates on Local Gang Problemss Session 6: RS3
Influences of Social Disruption and Political Disaffection on Adult Imprisonment Trends Session 214: RS152
Influences on State Punitiveness: An Examination of Crime Rates, Public Attitudes, and Political Ideologies Session 603: RS389
Informal Value Transfer Systems, Their Criminal Uses, and Nexus With Terrorism Session 455: PP110
An Information-Theoretic Analysis of Offending Over the Life Course Session 441: RS274
Infusing Conventional Sentencing With Restorative Justice: Police and Courts in England Session 342: PP83
Initial Findings From the Evaluation of APT, a Drug Treatment Program for NYC Adolescents in Detention Session 477: RS293
Inmate Values Session 439: RS272
Inmate-on-Inmate Victimization Reported by Older Male Prisoners Session 81: RS67
Inmates' Responses to Incarceration: An Inter-Gender Analysis Session 439: RS272
Innocence Projects and Changes in Due Process Session 294: RS192
Innocence Projects as a New Social Movement Session 294: RS192
An Innovative Court Program for Juvenile Domestic Violence Session 255: RS174
An Innovative Program for Child Delinquents: Translating Research Into Practice Session 118: PP26
Institutional Differences in Staff Well Being Among Federal Correctional Officers Session 390: RS235
Institutionalizing Criminological Theory Session 454: PP109
Instrument of Terror: The Body as the Battlefield Session 14: RS11
Integral Theory and Criminological Education Session 193: TC7
An Integrated Multilevel Approach to Juvenile Delinquency in Korea Session 451: PP106
An Integrated Systems Theory of Antisocial Behavior Session 523: PP128
Integrating Critical Race Theory and Postmodernism: Implications of Race, Class, and Gender Session 97: RS73
Integrating Public Health and Public Safety Concerns: Care Management for the Drug Using Individual in the Criminal Justice System Session 167: RS115
Integrating the General Theory of Crime Into an Explanation of Criminal Victimization Among Female Offenders Session 311: TC31
Intellectual Underpinnings of the (Conflicting) Individual Right, States' Right and Collective Right Views of the Second Amendment Session 368: RS213
Intensive Aftercare Programming for Female Juvenile Offenders Session 463: RS279
Interfaces Between Transnational Crime and Legal Actors Session 107: RS83
Intermediate Sanctions: An Effective Answer for the New Millennium in Brazil Session 473: RS289
Internal Investigations on Police Integrity Violations: An Overview Session 91: PP19
International Crime and Victims Survey in a Theoretical, Methodological and Broad Societal Context Session 352: TC41
The International Criminal Court and the Control of State Crime: Problems and Prospects Session 497: RS301
International Gender Differences on Three Aspects of the Experience of Fear and Crime Session 490: PP119
International Historical Criminology Session 588: RS374
International Human Rights Laws and Transnational Crime: Can the International Criminal Court Statute Be Used to Prosecute Transnational Criminals? Session 353: TC42
International Police Cartoons: Indicators of Cultural Consistencies and Variations Session 200: RS138
International Prison Project Session 309: TC29
International Trafficking in Firearms Session 5: RS2
Interpersonal Crime as Edgework Session 56: PP5
Interpreting Gang-Related Problems Over Multiple Years in the NYGS Session 6: RS3
Interracial Inequality and Lethal Violence: Revisiting Blau and Blau's Hypothesis Session 298: PP66
The Interrelationships of Self-efficacy, Parental Monitoring, and Child's Delinquency - A Longitudinal Study Session 179: RS127
The Intersection of Honor and Status in Conflict-Related Intimate Partner Homicide Session 551: RS340
Intervening With Drug-Using Offenders: Lessons From Breaking the Cycle Session 416: PP90
Intimate Partner Femicide: A Transactional-Ecological Approach Session 311: TC31
Intimate Partner Violence in the Context of Aboriginal Women's Lives Session 8: RS5
Introduction to Policing Dystopia Session 428: RS261
Introduction: What is Justice and Why Do We Want it? Session 396: RS240
Investigating Adolescent Drug Dealing in Philadelphia Session 339: PP80
Investigating the Causal Effects of Neighborhood Social Processes on Criminal Behavior Session 299: PP67
Investigating the Effectiveness of a Media Campaign to Curb Felons Carrying Firearms: Results from Operation "CEASEFIRE" Session 539: RS328
Investigating the Legitimacy of Juvenile Psychopathy Assessments: Contributions of Item Response Theory Session 589: RS375
Investigating the Within-Individual Changes of Attitudinal Measures of Patriarchy: Implications for Power-Control Theory Session 336: PP77
Investing in Marriage: The Relationship Between Time Spent Living With a Wife and Involvement in Criminal Activity Session 254: RS173
The 'Invinsible Hand of the Market': Illegal Drug Trade in Germany, Italy, and Russia Session 489: PP118
Invisible Punishment: An Instrument of Social Exclusion Session 94: RS70
Invisible Victims, Hidden Pain: The Effects of the Death Penalty on Families of Offenders Session 84: PP12
Involving Stakeholders in the Micro-Environment of Restorative Conferencing: Toward Principle-Based Evaluation Session 201: RS139
Is Female Violence on the Rise? [Conflicting] Conclusions From Multiple Sources of Evidence Session 369: RS214
Is Job Accessibility Relevant to Crime Patterns? A GIS Approach {Poster Location 74} Session 358: PS1
Is Prison Still a Total Institution? A French Point of View Session 351: TC40
Is Social Control Theory Crime Specific? An Examination of the Relationship Between Societal-Level Bonds and Adolescent Criminal Offenses Using Structural Equation Modeling Session 538: RS327
Is There Constancy in Predictors of Deviance Across Cultural Settings? {Poster Location 6} Session 358: PS1
Is There Honor Among Crooks? Session 437: RS270
Issues in a 30 Year Follow-Up Critical Ethnography of Serious Thieves Session 356: TC45
Issues in Implementing an Intensive Supervision Program for Mid-Risk Youth Session 30: RS27
Issues in Juvenile Delinquency Programming: Measuring and Assessing Change Session 246: RS165
It's a Wonderful Life: Reflections on a Career in Progress Session 144: PP33

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