The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter H

Paper Title Session ID
"Hardening the Target" in Cyberspace: Assessing Technology, Methods, and Information for Committing and Combating Cyber rime Session 280: RS178
Has Roe v. Wade Reduced U.S. Crime Rates? Examining the Longitudinal Effects of Unwanted Childbearing on Parenting and Criminal Behavior Session 134: RS99
Hate Crime in the United States from 1992 - 1999: A Time Series Analysis of National Uniform Crime Reports Data Session 101: RS77
Hate Crime Legislation: A Psycholegal Analysis Session 248: RS167
Hate Crime Victims in Canada Session 101: RS77
Hating Government: Exploring the Roots of Terrorism Session 114: PP22
Heroin Prescription as a Crime Prevention Measure Session 236: RS155
The History of Parole Legislation in Canada: From Rehabilitation to Risk Management {Poster Location 9} Session 358: PS1
HIV Interventions With Probationers: A Promising Model and Some Caveats for Effective Interventions Session 126: RS91
HIV Risk Among Offenders: Assessing the Disconnect Between HIV Eduction and Offender Knowledge, Perceptions, and Behaviors Session 126: RS91
HIV Risk Behaviors Among Probationers in Rural Kentucky: Preliminary Findings Session 126: RS91
HIV/AIDS Education in Prison: A Window of Opportunity Session 574: RS362
HIV/AIDS Risk Behaviors Among Juvenile Detainees: Prevalence, Patterns, and Public Health Policy Session 560: RS348
Homicide in China: Theoretical Implications of Cross-Cultural Analysis Session 535: RS324
Homicide Rates in South East Los Angeles: The Impact of 20 Years of Demographic Change Session 298: PP66
Homicide Victimization Among Serious Youthful Offenders: The Victim-Offender Overlap in Three Samples of California Youth Authority Wards Session 524: PP129
Hostile Women: The Psychosocial Costs of Power, Control and the Occupational Personality Session 572: RS360
The How and Why of Collaborative Research: Lessons From the Chicago Women's Health Risk Project Session 53: PP2
How Criminal Justice Can Benefit From Public Health Perspectives Session 587: RS373
How Many of the Offspring Born to Teenage Fathers are Produced by Repeat Serious Delinquents? Session 338: PP79
How Schools Generate, Inhibit, and Organize Youth Violence Session 509: RS313
How to Find a Job and Get Published Session 443: RS276
How to Survive Graduate School Session 141: RS106
The Humanization of Police Officers: An Exploration of Faith, Life and Death Session 241: RS160

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