The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter G

Paper Title Session ID
Gambling on Crime: How Punishment May Encourage Offending Session 138: RS103
Gambling, Crime, and Other Problem Behaviors: Results From a National Survey Session 489: PP118
Gang Crime in the Work Place Session 216: RS154
Gang Typologies Based on Criminal Activities Session 592: RS378
Gangs as Institutions and Their Impact on Public Policy {Poster Location 69} Session 358: PS1
Gangs, Crime Investigation and Rehabilitation Session 241: RS160
Gathering Essentials: Using Interagency Collaboration to Improve Police Efficiency {Poster Location 13} Session 358: PS1
Gender and Calling the Police: The Interaction of Victim and Offender Gender Session 204: RS142
Gender and Diversity: New Entanglements in Prime Time Crime Session 239: RS158
Gender and Judgment of Risk in a Juvenile Court Session 168: RS116
Gender and Juvenile Justice: What About Girls? Session 563: RS351
Gender and Race Differences in Deterrence/Rational Choice Processes: A Consideration of Formal, Informal, and Affective Sanctions Session 108: RS84
Gender and Rural/Urban Differences in Employment Barriers and Psychological Problems Session 532: RS321
Gender and Violence Reexamined Session 279: RS177
Gender Differences in Risk Factors for Physical Violence Between Dating Partners by University Students Session 220: PP47
The Gender Division of Labor in Policing Session 200: RS138
Gender Inequality in Academia Session 268: TC20
Gender Sensitive Drug Treatment for Women With Children: One-Year Outcomes Session 320: RS195
Gender, Crime, and Depression Session 113: PP21
Gender, Race, and Class Variation in the Effect of Neighborhood Violence on Violent Deliquency: An Intersectional Analysis of General Strain Theory Session 541: RS330
Gender, Race, and General Strain Theory Session 113: PP21
Gender, Religiosity, and Reactions to Strain Among African Americans Session 541: RS330
Gender, Self-Control, Social Bonds, and Delinquency Session 341: PP82
Gender-Neutrality, Gender Stereotypes and Juvenile Justice Policy Session 282: RS180
Gender-Responsive Strategies: Research, Practice, and Guiding Principles for Women Offenders Session 145: PP34
A General Strain Theory of Prison Violence and Misconduct: An Integrated Model of Inmate Behavior Session 85: PP13
General Strain Theory: An Analysis of Adult Female Criminality Session 540: RS329
General Strain Theory: An Empirical Examination Using the Rochester Youth Development Study Session 540: RS329
General Theory of Crime and Perceptions of Women and Sex: A Comparative Analysis of Sex Offenders and Non-Sex Offenders Session 131: RS96
General v. Typological Theories of Antisocial Behavior Session 306: PP74
Genetic Information and Crime Investigation: Forensic DNA Profiling and Databasing in Comparative Perspective Session 87: PP15
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as an Administrative Tool for Police Agencies Session 433: RS266
Girls Fight: Understanding the Context of Violence in Lives of At-Rish Inner-City Girls Session 128: RS93
Girls' and Gender Issues in Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Session 38: RS35
Global Risk of Economic Espionage Session 244: RS163
Globalization in the U.S.: Feminist Explorations of the Implications for Criminal Justice Policy Session 590: RS376
Globalization of Russian, Colombian, and Chinese Organized Crime: A Quantitative Analysis Session 570: RS358
Globalization, Organized Crime and Money Laundering: An Interdisciplinary Examination Session 543: RS332
Globalizing Nodes of Restorative Justice Session 334: PP75
The Good Boy in a High-Delinquency Area--40 Years Later Session 144: PP33
Good Guns, Bad Guns, Gender and DGUs Session 300: PP68
Governmentality and Crime Control Session 132: RS97
Graduate Student Research in Law, Crime and Deviance at the University of Minnesota {Poster Location 20} Session 358: PS1
Graduate Student Round Table II: Research Issues in Racial Profiling Session 482: RS298
Graduated Sanctions and Rewards at Four New York State Drug Courts: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Infractions and Sanctions and Achievements and Rewards Session 47: RS44
Graffiti and the Broken Windows Metaphor: Reflections of Inequality and Injustice Session 455: PP110
Great Expectations? Democratic Transformation and Criminal Justice Session 391: RS236
The Greatest Generation?" Wartime Rape in England, France and German, WW II Session 471: RS287
Greed, State Beneficence, and Crime Session 172: RS120
Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Conviction Orientation, Racial Attitudes, and Support for Capital Punishment Session 206: RS144

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