The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter F

Paper Title Session ID
The Factorial Complexity of the Delinquent Personality: The Importance of Self-Direction Session 193: TC7
Factors Associated With the Seriousness of Criminal Behavior in Among Adolescents in Substance Abuse Treatment Session 383: RS228
Factors That Influence the Employment of Ex-Offenders Session 386: RS231
Failed Justice: Voices of the Wrongfully Convicted Session 501: RS305
Failure After Success: Why Do Some Mandated Clients of Residential Drug Treatment Recidivate After Treatment Completion? Session 26: RS23
Fame and Strain: The Contributions of Mertonian Deviance Theory to an Understanding of the Relationship Between Celebrity and Crime Session 45: RS42
Familial-Based Justice: Examining Race Differences in Sentencing Among Female Offenders Session 283: RS181
Families of Homicide Victims: A Review and Recommendations for Current Research and Practice Session 84: PP12
Families, Communities, and Violent Victimization Among Adolescents Session 161: RS109
Family Disruption, Unemployment and Crime Revisited With NIBRS Data for the Year 2000 Session 554: RS343
Family Dynamics and Deviance Session 179: RS127
Family Function and Incidence of Female Delinquency Session 440: RS273
Family Group Conferences and Facilitator Type. Does it Really Matter? Session 259: PP55
Family Violence and Traditional Explanations of Delinquency: Examining Their Competing Effects on Behaviors of Filipino Adolescents Session 479: RS295
Family Violence as Reported in the National Incident-Based Reporting Program Data for the Year 2000 Session 554: RS343
Fear of Crime in Poland Session 329: RS204
Fear, Victimization and Community: An Assessment of Citizen Perceptions in East and West Coast Cities Session 329: RS204
The Federal Agenda for Social Science Research on Terrorism Session 343: PP84
Federal Prisoners' View of Peer Counselors in a Residential Drug Treatment Program Session 477: RS293
Federall Correctional Programming and Services: Inmate Satisfaction Rates Session 439: RS272
Felonious Killings of and Assaults Upon Law Enforcement Officers, 1960-1999 Session 402: RS246
Female Athletes Male Athletes: Examining the Relationship Between High School Athletics and Delinquency Session 401: RS245
Female Ex-Offenders in East St. Louis, Illinois, Transitioning From Prison to the Community Session 395: RS239
Female Perpetrated Homicide: How Abuse and Deprivation Shape Women's Likelihood to Become Murderers Session 551: RS340
Female Police Officer's Perceptions of Belonging in a Large Urban Police Department Session 312: TC32
Female Snakeheads in Transnational Chinese Human Smuggling Session 266: TC18
Female-on-Female Violence in an Urban Community Session 311: TC31
Femicide in Australia: An Analysis of Patterns of Victim/Offender Relationships Session 535: RS324
Feminist Criminology in Theory and Action Session 3: RS1
A Feminist Critique of Domestic Violence Theories Session 8: RS5
A Feminist Model of Justice as a Framework for Reexamining Our Response to Intimate Violence Session 42: RS39
Field Relations and Ethical Dilemmas: The Experience of a Female Ethnographer Studying Ecstasy Use in a Dance Club Setting Session 598: RS384
Fifteen Lessons Learned From the National Process Evauation of the Comprehensive Strategy for Serious, Violent and Chronic Juvenile Offenders Session 118: PP26
The Fight Against Terror in the U.S. and Its Clampdown on Immigrants: Implications to Civil Liberties, Human Rights, and Social Justice Session 242: RS161
"Filing Charges": How the Victim-Defendant Social Relationship Affects Crime Victims' Decisions on Criminal Justice Steps Session 247: RS166
Findings From a National Study of Victim Needs and Assistance Sought Session 537: RS326
Findings From Research on Treating the Criminal Justice-Involved Drug Abuser Session 167: RS115
Findings From the 2001 Baltimore City Substance Abuse Need for Treatment Among Arrestees (Santa) Project Session 569: RS357
Findings From the 2001 National Young Gang Survey Session 6: RS3
Findings From the National Evaluation of the VOCA State Compensation and Assistance Grant Program Session 537: RS326
Findings From the Survey of Youth Gangs in Indian Country Session 6: RS3
Fine and Restitution Remittance: The Effect of Offender, Probation Officer and Court-Based Factors Session 386: RS231
Finishing Schools for Female Offenders: Adolescent Girls and the Transition Back Into the Community Session 429: RS262
Firearms Violence--What the Federal Government is Doing to Stop It Session 359: RS209
First Comes Dating?: An Exploratory Analysis of African American Female Dating Responses to High Control Rates for African American Men Session 590: RS376
First Findings of the Swiss Violence Against Women Survey Session 331: RS206
A Five-Year Analysis of Participants of the San Joaquin County Drug Court in California Session 261: PP57
Florida's Juvenile Justice Facilities: A Comparative Evaluation of Educational Services Between Public- and Private-Providers Session 305: PP73
Florida: Punishment in the Moral Economy of the Sun Shine State Session 321: RS196
Flowing in Place: Antidote for the Terrorism Within Session 14: RS11
Follow the Money: The Dutch Experience Session 543: RS332
Forgiveness as Catharsis...Balance...Safety Session 50: RS47
Formal Criminal Intervention, Deviant Networks, and Subsequent Delinquency: A Test of Structural Labeling Theory Session 182: RS130
Fostering a Culture of Lawfulness: Examining the Pathway to Resiliency Between Support for the Police, Legal Reasoning, and Behavior Amongst Mexican Youths Session 202: RS140
Foul Ball?: Assessing the Impact of the Ninth Circuit Ruling on the California 'Three Strikes' Law" Session 324: RS199
The Foundations for Future Towers of Babel: The Current State of Police Organizational Theory Session 346: PP87
Four Case Studies of Incest in Rural Illinois, 1900-1920 Session 213: RS151
Fractals of Black Macho Youth Session 370: RS215
The Freedom of Information Act as a Methodological Tool: Suing the Government for Data Session 497: RS301
From Deinstitutionalization to Criminalization: The Impact of Police Officer Discretion on the Incarceration of the Mentally Ill Session 405: RS249
From Sin to Syndrome: The Medicatlization of Juvenile Sex Offense Session 606: RS392
From the Culture of a Young Criminal to His Criminal Culture. Limitations of Ethnic Culture as an Explanation for Crime Session 252: RS171
From the Mainstream to the Margins and Back: A Historical Look at Evaluation Research Session 163: RS111
From Witches to Crack Moms: A Historical Perspective on the Subordination of Women Session 335: PP76
Frontline Referrals: Cops Care Session 238: RS157
The Fruits of Good Work: Job Quality and Adolescent Deviance Session 218: PP45
Funding Programs for Child Delinquents: Whose Responsibility Is It? Session 561: RS349
Further Exploration of Base Rate Methodologies for Police Traffic Stops Session 448: PP103
The Future of Capital Punishment in the United States Session 333: RS208
The Future of Community Justice Session 396: RS240
The Future of Equal Justice for African Americans Session 396: RS240
The Future of Equal Justice for Latinos Session 396: RS240
The Future of Justice for Children and Youth Session 396: RS240
The Future of Justice for Women Session 396: RS240
The Future of the Criminal Court Session 396: RS240
The Future of the Peacemaking Perspective Session 423: PP97

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