The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter D

Paper Title Session ID
Danger, Disorder and Disaster: Lessons Learned in Command, Control, Coordination and Communication Session 608: RS394
The Dark Side of Gemeinschaft: Criminality Within Rural Communities Session 572: RS360
Date Rape Drugs and Rape Prevention: (Still) Holding Women Responsible for Preventing Victimization Session 374: RS219
Dating Violence and Sexual Coercion as Part of a General Antisocial Orientation {Poster Location 31} Session 358: PS1
Dating Violence Study: A Test of DeKeseredy's and Schwatz's (1998) Male Peer Support Theory Session 56: PP5
Death Around the Corner: Investigating Linkages Between Neighborhood Mortality, Crime, and Informal Social Control Session 249: RS168
The Death Penalty and Juveniles: A Socio-Historical Analysis, 1642-2001 Session 195: TC9
Death Penalty in Illinois: Criminologists' Report to Governor George Ryan: Political, Psychological, Racial Factors Session 359: RS209
The Death Penalty in the Movies Session 474: RS290
Debunking the Myth of Officer Friendly Session 130: RS95
Deciphering the Treatment-Punishment Dichotomy: A New Approach to the Study of Placement Outcomes for Juvenile Delinquents Session 389: RS234
The Decision to Arrest: The Impact of Contextual Effects on the Officer's Decision to Arrest in Domestic Violence Incidents Session 255: RS174
Decision-Making in Hate Crime Cases: Factors Affecting Victim, Police and Prosecutorial Discretion Session 248: RS167
Declining Crime in Postwar Japan Session 292: RS190
Defining 'Terrorism' in the Context of Contemporary Media Session 14: RS11
Defining and Identifying the Non-Offender: The Forgotten Adolescent in Basic Delinquency Research Session 151: PP40
Defining Areas of Influence for Facility-Related Crime: Combining Spatial Techniques Session 41: RS38
Defining the Diffusion of Crime Mapping Innovation Session 488: PP117
Defining the Rights of Drug Court Participant: A Constitutional Test Session 47: RS44
Delinquency and Education: What Works Revisited Session 150: PP39
Delinquency and Income Attainment Over the Life Course Session 415: PP89
Delinquency, Problem Behavior and Their Relationship With Unintentional Injuries in Children Session 296: PP64
Delinquent Behavior by Children Under 10: Normal Development or "Tip of the Icberg"? Session 151: PP40
Departure Reasons Among Male and Female Embezzlers Sentenced Under the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines Session 283: RS181
Dependency/Neglect and Delinquency: Dually Involved Minors in the Juvenile Court Session 469: RS285
Descriptive Analysis of Denial to Purchase a Firearm Session 539: RS328
Design Against Crime: The British Governments Programme to Promote the Design of Secure Products Session 330: RS205
Designing Research to Uncover Patterns of Short-Term Change in High-Rate Offenders: Lessons From Research on Drug-Using Prostitutes on an Urban Prostitution Stroll Session 559: RS347
Desistance Among Young Parolees Session 418: PP92
Detecting Crack and Other Cocaine With Fastpatches Session 183: RS131
Determinants in Case Outcome of Sexual Assaults Reported to Police: What's Best for Arrest? Session 430: RS263
Determinants of Alcohol Dependence Among Adolescents in Washington State: Neighborhood, Family, and Peer Effects Session 344: PP85
Determinants of Crime Analysis, Crime Mapping, Grant Writing and Other Innovations in Police Departments Session 433: RS266
Determinants of Early Desistence From Criminal Careers: First Results of a German Study Session 49: RS46
The Deterrent Capacities of Marriage: Gender, Assortative Mating, and Crime in Early Adulthood Session 415: PP89
Developing A Comprehensive Analysis of Police Organizations in the U.S. Session 468: RS284
Developing a Theoretical Model to Examine the Influence of a Religious Sect [Odinism] on Norwegian and American Inmates Session 29: RS26
Developing Common Ground for International Research on Restorative Conferencing Session 417: PP91
Developing Strategies for Tenure Session 34: RS31
Developing the First Unified Estimates of Missing Children Session 496: RS300
The Development and Evaluation of a Juvenile Day Reporting Center Session 30: RS27
The Development of a National Census of Juvenile Probation: Results From Pretesting Session 473: RS289
The Development of a School Bond: Differences and Similarities for Early Aggressive Children Compared to Other Children Session 538: RS327
Development of a State-Wide Risk and Protective Factor Assessment for Crime Prevention and Case Planning Session 476: RS292
Developmental Antecedents of Parenting Behaviors in a Multi-Generational Study of Antisocial Behavior Session 67: RS53
Developmental Trajectories of Substance Use and Illegal Activity: Examining Dual Trajectory Models Session 338: PP79
Developmental Variables in a Sample of Serious Adolescent Offenders Session 516: PP121
Deviance Among Females: Developmental Pathways From Adolescence to Young Adulthood Session 142: PP31
Deviant Adaptations to Strain: Examining Variations in Types of Strain and Correspondent Deviant Outcomes Across Males and Females Session 113: PP21
Deviant Peer Contagion Session 308: TC28
Deviant Victims and Empowered Survivors: The Social Construction of Intimate Violence Victims Session 414: PP88
Deviants or Consenting Adults? A Human Rights Approach to Defining Deviance {Poster Location 75} Session 358: PS1
The Devil's in the Details: Implementing Initiative Mandated Drug Sentencing Reform in California Session 212: RS150
Devils in Disguise: The Contribution of Positive Labeling to 'Sneaky Thrills' Delinquency Session 524: PP129
Dialogue as Restoration Session 334: PP75
Did Abolition of Parole Impact the Reported Crime Rates? A Comparison of Intervention Time Series Methods Using Arma and Structural Time Series Approaches Session 219: PP46
Differences in Drug, Property, Violent, and Other Offenses Among Arrestees Session 72: RS58
Differences in Implementing California's Proposition 36: An Eight-County Study Session 530: RS319
Differences in Journey-to--Crime Pattern Between Different Types of Offending (Solo, Co-offending and Switching) in Police Recorded Crime Data Session 478: RS294
Differences in the Acceptance of Rape Myths by College Students in Criminal Justice Versus Other Majors Session 131: RS96
Differentiating Juvenile Offenders by Gender: Risk of Recidivism Session 399: RS243
The Difficulty of Leaving Work Inside the Prison Walls: An Exploratory Analysis of Female Correctional Officer Identity Session 466: RS282
Dilapidation and Drug Arrests Session 58: PP7
Direct Supervision: Two Evaluations of a Podular Direct Supervision Jail Session 441: RS274
The Disappearance of the Fraud Victim Report Session 9: RS6
Disaster and Crime: Conditions and Characteristics of Crime After the Great Hanshin-Awaji Greath Earthquake Session 498: RS302
Discerning the Legacy of Comprehensive Community-Based Initiatives: SafeFutures Re-Examined Session 477: RS293
Disclosure of Drug Use: The Value of an Introduction and Interviewer Skill Session 183: RS131
Disruptive Beginnings: 'Stanley' (The Jack-Roller), Charles Manson, and Willie Bosket Session 62: PP11
Distance Education in Criminal Justice Session 291: RS189
DNA Statutes by State: Differences and Similarities Session 294: RS192
Do Birds of a Feather Cluster Together? The Versatility and Specialization of Adolescent Deviance Session 251: RS170
Do Differences in Juvenile Justice Systems' Processing Affect Subsequent Delinquency? A Comparison of the U.S. and Germany Session 23: RS20
Do Guns Make Robberies More Deadly? An Analysis of the Impact of Weapons on the Lethality of Robbery Related Homicide Session 300: PP68
Do Prison Sentence Enhancements Reduce Gun Crime? The Case of Project Exile Session 515: PP120
Do Prolonged States of Warfare Affect the Level of Violence in Israeli Society? Session 116: PP24
Do Shame and Guilt Predict Antisocial Behavior in Late Adolescence? Findings From a Prospective Study Session 99: RS75
Do Women Want the Job? An Examination of the Recruitment and Retention of Female Law Enforcement Officers Session 400: RS244
Doctoral Dissertations Examining Rehabilitation: A Review and Critique Session 152: PP41
Doctoral Education in Criminology/Criminal Justice Session 43: RS40
Does Age Have a Direct Effect on Delinquency? General Theory vs. Developmental Theory Session 253: RS172
Does Crowding Breed Crime?: Crowding and Its Possibility for Bringing About Crime in the United States Session 138: RS103
Does Gender Matter? A Study of Gender and Adolescent Offending Session 336: PP77
Does Gun Control Reduce Criminal Violence? An Econometric Evaluation of Canadian Firearm Laws Session 425: RS258
Does It Still Work? An Eight Year Follow-Up Evaluation of a Pretrial Intoxicated Driver Intervention Program Session 565: RS353
Does Possession of a Handgun Deter Violence? An Analysis of General Social Survey Data Session 596: RS382
Does Program Integrity Matter: Examining the Relationship Between the Quality of Correctional Programing and Outcome Session 518: PP123
Does Program Make a Difference? A Comparative Study of Delinquent and At-Risk Young Women in Community-Based and Residential Programs Session 282: RS180
Does Punishment Do More Good Than Harm? A Utilitarian Analysis Session 520: PP125
Does Racism Predict Police Brutality? A Comparative Analysis: The United States and Brazil Session 413: RS257
Does Size Matter? Phyusicality and Delinquent Involvement Session 524: PP129
Does the Calendar Method Enhance Illegal Drug Use Reporting Among Arrestees? Session 63: RS49
Does the Order of Victimization Questions Affect Survey Responses?: A Randomized Experimental Study Session 265: PP61
Doing Qualitative Research Differently Session 111: RS87
Doing Qualitative Research in the Philippines Session 348: TC37
Doing Their Own Time: Children of Incarcerated Mothers Session 202: RS140
Doing Time/Waiting on the Outside: Academic Reflections of a Personal Nature Session 166: RS114
A Dollar and an American Dream: A Time-Series, Propositional Test of Institutional Anomie Theory Session 45: RS42
Domestic Violence Among Female Arrestees: Results of Information Collected Through an ADAM Addendum Session 542: RS331
Domestic Violence and Homicide Session 587: RS373
Domestic Violence and Narratives of the State: The Construction of the "Battered Woman" Through Criminal Justice Policy Session 247: RS166
Domestic Violence and Stalking Among Older Adults: An Assessment of Risk markers Session 40: RS37
Domestic Violence Court in Minneapolis: Three Levels of Analysis Session 470: RS286
Domestic Violence in Selected Southeast Asian Refugee/Migrant Communities: Issues of Historical Context and Culture Session 103: RS79
Domestic Violence in the Hmong Community: Police Attitudes and Intervention When Culture Conflicts With Law Session 430: RS263
Domestic Violence Offenders Session 153: PP42
Don Gottfredson Remembered: A Town Meeting Session 360: RS210
Don't Darken Our Doors: Federal Housing Policy, Homelessness, and Ex-Offenders Session 510: RS314
Doula Labor Support for Incarcerated Pregnant Women Session 243: RS162
Dropping Out or Sticking With It: The Sustainability of Crime Prevention Officers Session 180: RS128
Drug Courts and Race: Evaluating the Disparity of Referrals to a Drug Court Treatment Program Session 104: RS80
Drug Courts and the Reconstitution of the Courtroom Workgroup Session 261: PP57
Drug Free Zones in Portland, OR: Situational Crime Prevention or Something Else? Session 41: RS38
Drug Market Variation: An Examination of Large and Small Markets Session 337: PP78
Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering, and Political-Criminal Nexus in Africa Session 543: RS332
'Drug Treatment Courts' -- Visionary Innovation or 'New Penology" for Drug Offenders? Session 47: RS44
Drug Treatment With Young Offenders: Screening and Assessment Issues Session 64: RS50
Drug Use Trends Among Houston At-Risk Students: Findings From Houston's Safer Choices 2 Program Session 63: RS49
Drug War Heresies Session 51: RS48
The Drug-Violence Nexus Among School Dropouts and Detained Youth in Philadelphia and Toronto Session 339: PP80
Drunk Drivers in Two Community-Based Programs: A Comparative Study on Exit Status Session 565: RS353
Duping Drug Tests as Resistance Session 39: RS36
The Dynamics of Desistance and Prisoner Reentry: Findings From a 10-Year Follow-Up of the Oxford University 'Dynamics of Recidivism' Study Session 88: PP16
Dynamics of Socio-Demography in Illicit Drug Use: A Multi-Level Analysis Session 210: RS148
Dynanics of Jury Decision-Making in Capital Cases: The Interviewing Experience Session 191: TC5

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