The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter B

Paper Title Session ID
Background and Vision of the National Demonstration Project Session 190: TC4
Bad Behavior or Bad Policy? Recidivism Trends in Release Cohorts 1993-2001 Session 162: RS110
Bad Cops: A Study of Career Ending Misconduct in the New York City Police Department Session 448: PP103
Balancing Zero Tolerance and Juvenile Justice: Issues for Rational Juvenile Justice Policy Session 121: PP29
Bar Behavior: A Social Learning Approach Session 186: RS134
Barbarians at the Gate: Theory's Fresh Strategy for Rebuffing the Empiricists Session 523: PP128
The Barking Dog? Partnership and Effective Practice in Offender Rehabilitation Session 536: RS325
Bars, Brawls, and Blocks: The Relationship Between Alcohol Sales and Assaults Session 186: RS134
A Bathroom in Brooklyn and a Wood Fence in Wyoming: "Showing and Hiding" Gender in High Profile Crimes Session 125: RS90
Battered Women and Mandatory Medical Reporting Laws: Perceptions and the Influence of Demographic and Situational Characteristics Session 421: PP95
Battered Women's Help-Seeking: Silenced and Sanctioned Session 70: RS56
Begging the Question: Juror Participation in Criminal Cases Session 544: RS333
A Behavior Genetic Evaluation of Family Influence on Friends' Deviance: Evidence for an Active Gene-Environment Correlation Session 274: TC26
Behavioural Coherence in Violent Group Activity: A Circumplex Model of Interpersonal Processes in Group Sexual Violence Session 332: RS207
Being a Parent and Acting Like One: The Role of Parental Status and Parenting Responsibilities in Predicting Relapse and Recidivism Among Drug-Involved Female Prison Releasees Session 382: RS227
The Benefits and Consequences of Transferring Juveniles to Adult Court in Wisconsin? Session 568: RS356
The Benefits of Problem Solving Prosecutors in the Community {Poster Location 70} Session 358: PS1
The Best of Both Worlds: Integrating Psychology and Law Enforcement Approaches to the Evaluation of Nonverbal Behavior in the Interview/Interrogation Setting {Poster Location 41} Session 358: PS1
Best Practice for Structuring Effective Reentry: The Role of the Reintegrative Continuum in Transitioning and Normalizing Confined Youth Session 463: RS279
"Best Practices" in Crowd Control: Recent Lessons Learned Session 608: RS394
Between Hackers and White-Collar Criminals Session 280: RS178
Beyond 9/11: Homeland Security and Community Policing in Dearborn, Michigan Session 556: RS345
Beyond 911 and the Myth of Reactive Policing Session 112: RS88
Beyond Apology? Domestic Violence and Critical Questions for Restorative Justice Session 258: PP54
Beyond HotSpots: Crime Reduction Today and Tomorrow Through Community Mobilization and Governmental Change Session 534: RS323
Beyond Offender Profiling: An Investigative Psychology Framework for Psychological Contributions to Police Investigations Session 332: RS207
Bioterrorism or the Drug War: A Public Health-Criminal Justice Trade-Off Session 242: RS161
Birth Cohort Research in China Session 348: TC37
Black and Blue in Nashville Session 12: RS9
Black and White in Blue: Racial Distinctions Within a Common Police Identity Session 452: PP107
The Black Market in Endangered Animals in Southern Africa Session 229: TC13
The Black Market in Endangered Animals Session 176: RS124
Black Police Associations Session 413: RS257
"Black Threat" and Discrimination Against Minorities in the Imposition of Detention Session 120: PP28
The Black Wall of Silence?: Examining the Attitudes and Experiences of African-American Police Officers Session 12: RS9
Blended Sentencing of Juveniles in Minnesota: Processing and Recidivism Models {Poster Location 66} Session 358: PS1
Blending Theories of Organized Crime With the Life Course Perspective: The Value of Biographical Accounts of the Early Life Experiences of Identified Gangsters Session 77: RS63
Bloodstock: Reflections on the Execution of Timothy McVeigh Session 39: RS36
Blunts, Bats, and Dugouts: Evading Police and Informal Sanctions Against Public Use of Marijuana Session 183: RS131
Bouncer: Exploring a Drugs Culture in a London Nightclub. A Work in Progress Session 406: RS250
Bridging the Gap Between Crime and Culture: Study of Protective Cultural Factors on Transnational Level {Poster Location 34} Session 358: PS1
Bridging the Information Disconnect in Bias Crime Reporting Session 225: PP52
Building a Drawing: The Berlin Wall as History, Art, and Commodity Session 313: TC33
Building Reentry Services: Organizational Development of Interagency Efforts Session 367: RS212
Bullets Don't Have No Name on Them: Young People, Exposure to Violence and Informal Social Control in Three Philadelphia Neighborhoods Session 340: PP81
Bullying and Youth Violence Session 102: RS78
Business Behaviors Complicating Successful Prosecutions -- A Prosecutor's Perspective Session 244: RS163
The Business of Immigrant Smuggling: Race, Law and Criminal Opportunity During the Exclusion Era Session 266: TC18
The Business of Watching Crime: Crime Commissions and Community Partnerships Against Crime Session 547: RS336
But Would She Do It Again? Battered Women's Intentions to Re-Use the Criminal Legal System Session 70: RS56
'But, We All Know Who is Well at it?' The Challenge of Implementing Intelligence-Led Policing Session 21: RS18

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