The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter A

Paper Title Session ID
Abortion, Gun Control, Suicide, and Capital Punishment: Prisoners on Life Session 74: RS60
Abstaining From Drug Abuse: Is It Possible to Win the Drug Cycle? Session 503: RS307
Abuse in Ghana An Exploration of a Neglected Social Problem Session 328: RS203
The Abuse of Cognitively Impaired Victims in Homes Session 602: RS388
Abuse, Neglect, and Child Delinquents' Risk for Violent Offending Session 451: PP106
Academy of Experimental Criminology Meeting Session 245: RS164
ACE -- A County Directed Approach to Comprehensive Intervention Session 35: RS32
Addressing the Needs of Mentally Ill Offenders: San Diego's Connections Program Evaluation Session 405: RS249
Addressing, Classifying, and Designating Transnational Terrorism: A Review of the Literature Session 315: TC35
Adjudicated Males Self-Reported Criminality Trajectories From Adolescence to Midlife Session 142: PP31
Adjudicated Males' Modus Operandi Trajectories From Ages 15 to 30 Session 142: PP31
The Administrative Approach to Organized Crime in Amsterdam Session 384: RS229
Adolescent Dating and Anti Social Behavior: The Birds, Bees, and Delinquency Session 401: RS245
Adolescent Perceptions of Fear and Safety within School: A New Perspective on Social Bonds Session 509: RS313
Adolescent Social Capital: Contextual and Peer Effects on Behavioral Investment Strategies Session 576: RS364
Adolescent Victimization and Offending: Specifying the Role of Peer Groups Session 446: PP101
Adolescents Towards Parents: An Evaluation of a Treatment Program Session 604: RS390
'The Adult Connection' - Bill Sykes and the Fagin Factor: Adults and the Criminalisation of Youth Session 568: RS356
Adult Correctional Education Programs: A Systematic Update on Recent Studies Session 574: RS362
Adult Drug Courts: An Assessment of Program Effectiveness Session 211: RS149
Adventures in Developing Risk Assessment Instruments: Research Design and the Impact of Public Policy Concerns in Validation Studies Session 441: RS274
Adverse Effects of Sanctions Session 326: RS201
The Aesthetics of Crime and Crime Control Session 170: RS118
African-American Men Post Release: Identifying Issues That Influence Repeated Incarceration Session 243: RS162
After-School Programs: Does Structure Matter? Session 404: RS248
Against Criminal Justice: Ideological Struggles, Political Battlefields and the Need for Critical Cultural Criinologies Session 172: RS120
Against Criminal Justice: Ideological Struggles, Political Battlefields and the Need for Critical Cultural Criminologies Session 497: RS301
Age and Homicide: Evidence for Persisting Self-Help "Honor" Institutions Among White Southerners and American Indians Session 599: RS385
The Age Distributions of Homicide Offenders and Victims: What Do We Know About Their Accuracy and Relationships to One Other? Session 599: RS385
Aggressive Behaviour in a Public Setting: The Influences of Provocation and Personality on the Decision-Making Process Session 419: PP93
Aging Inmates: A Convergence of Trends in the American Criminal Justice System Session 278: RS176
AIDS and Family Life We Still Climbin': HIV/AIDS-Infected African-American and Latino Parolees and Their Female Partners Doing Re-Entry Session 465: RS281
Alcohol and Drug Use Disorders Among Juvenile Detainees Session 560: RS348
Allocating Discretion in Presumptive Sentencing Guidelines Systems: A Cross-State Comparison Session 175: RS123
Alternative Justice Social Control Policy for New Emerging Millennium Session 521: PP126
Alternative Police Intervention: Contributions of Freire's Dialogical Pedagogy and Catastrophe Theory in Generating the 'Third Way' Session 97: RS73
American Drug Warriors: Effects of U.S. Military Involvement in Columbian Domestic Interdiction Session 506: RS310
American Jihad: Odinism, Prison Gangs and the Threat of Racial Holy War Session 73: RS59
American Militias: State Level Variations in Militia Activities Session 114: PP22
American Skinheads and "Mud People": Construction and Justification of Bigotry Through the Media Session 17: RS14
Americanization of Criminal Justice in Europe? Session 588: RS374
Analysis of Computer Crime Characteristics Session 90: PP18
Analysis of Crime Shooting Statistics: A Review of Shootings and Various Demographics in the City of Wilmington, 1996-2000 Session 354: TC43
An Analysis of Judicial Decision Making Research: What do We Know About the Influences on Judges? Session 553: RS342
An Analysis of the Impact of Interscholastic Athletics on the Delinquency of High School Girls Session 322: RS197
An Analysis of the Influence of Sensation Seeking, Religiosity, and Peer Relations on Deviant Inclinations Session 524: PP129
Analyzing Recidivism Success Rates Session 122: PP30
Analyzing the Gender Gap in Fear of Crime Session 125: RS90
Anti-Hate Crime Policy Development: A Coordinated European Strategy Session 511: RS315
API Youth Violence Prevention Center Session 397: RS241
The Application of GIS Technology to the Study of Fear of Crime {Poster Location 40} Session 358: PS1
Applications of Network Analysis in Evaluating Comprehensive Community Initiatives Session 303: PP71
Applying Deterrence Theory to Driving: Assessing the Impact of Legislation Authorizing Vehicle Impounds by Law Enforcement Session 565: RS353
Applying General Strain Theory to Juvenile Sex Offenders Session 540: RS329
Are All Latino Batterers the Same? An Exploratory Look at Puerto Rican, Brazilian and American Born Abusers in New England Session 607: RS393
Are Changes in U.S. Crime Rates Time Reversible? Session 219: PP46
Are Police Recruitment Testing Instruments Discriminatory? Session 504: RS308
Are Social Cohesion and Collective Efficacy Related to Victims' Resource Assess Decision Making in Response to Crime: A Multi-Variate Model of Victim Access Patterns to Resources Session 27: RS24
Are They Crime or Patriotism - A Case Study on Politically and Socially Motivated Cyber Attacks Session 135: RS100
Are Within-Individual Causes of Delinquency the Same as Between-Individual Causes? Session 338: PP79
Aren't They All the Same: A Critical Comparison of Available Introduction to Criminal Justice Textbooks and Materials Session 291: RS189
Arrestee Responses to Questions of Drug Use: An Assessment of Reliability by Race/Ethnicity Session 208: RS146
Arson as a Type of Crime -- Victims, Offenders, and Prevention in Finland Session 392: RS237
Arson Homicides in Chicago: Searching for Glitter in Ash Session 392: RS237
ASC Awards and Sutherland Address Session 154: PP43
Asian Youth Gangs: A Rising Epidemic From Coast to Coast {Poster Location 60} Session 358: PS1
Assessing Attitudes About Violence Toward Animals: Public Opinion Poll Results From Texas Session 550: RS339
Assessing Police Officers' Decision Making and Discretion Session 318: RS193
Assessing Program Evaluability Session 477: RS293
Assessing Risk in Lethal and Non-Lethal Intimate Partner Violence Session 199: RS137
Assessing Risk of Youth Violence and Victimization: A Comprehensive Review and Development, Validation, and Application of Instrumentation Session 128: RS93
Assessing Risk: Putting Pieces of the Puzzle Together Session 238: RS157
Assessing Scholarly Productivity in Criminal Justice Session 502: RS306
Assessing the Deterrent Effects of Sex Offender Laws Session 324: RS199
Assessing the Effectiveness of Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts: The Difficulties of Calculating Recidivism Rates Session 286: RS184
Assessing the Effects of School and Individual level Social Capital Ties on Adolescent Delinquent and Problem Behavior Session 576: RS364
Assessing the Impact of Columbine on Students' Fear of Victimization: A Randomized Experiment Session 265: PP61
Assessing the Levels of Capriciousness and Systematic Decision-Making Involved in the Automatic and Prosecutorial Certification Process in Virginia Session 148: PP37
Assessing the Linkages Between Strain, Types of Anger, and Eating Disorders: Testing and Extending General Strain Theory Session 540: RS329
Assessing the Physical, Psychological, and Behavioral Impact of Computer Crime Victimization Session 393: RS238
Assessing the Student Field Experience in Criminal Justice Session 376: RS221
Assessing the Validity of Self-Reported Drug Use: The Role of Individual- and Aggregate-Level Characteristics Session 208: RS146
Assessing Two Modes of Legal Pressure in Coerced Treatment: Deferred-Prosecution vs. Deferred-Sentencing Session 604: RS390
An Assessment of the Relation of Climate to Adolescent Academic Motivation Session 479: RS295
Assessment of the Sources of Stress and Its Effect on Job Satisfaction Among Correction Officers in South Korea Session 390: RS235
Assimilation and Adaptation: Effects on Drug Use Among Immigration Youths Session 573: RS361
Attitudes Toward Crime Victim and Police Officer Injury and Disability Session 312: TC32
Attorneys and Mental Health Professionals: Examining Attitudes Toward the Insanity Defense Session 385: RS230
The Attractions to Suicide Missions: Toward an Understanding of September Session 564: RS352
Atwater v. City of Lago Vista: The Right to Arrest for Traffic Violations Session 134: RS99
Auditing Alcohol-Related Crime and Disorder: Conceptual and Methodological Issues Session 352: TC41
Australian Gun Control: Assessing a Massive Gun Buy-Back Session 515: PP120
AUTHOR-MEETS-READERS: Jerzy Sarnecki Session 185: RS133
Automobile Accidents and False or Exaggerated Injury Claims Session 9: RS6
Available Resources for Youth Violence Prevention in Health Care Settings Session 19: RS16

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