Transient Males: Prison/ Jail Re-Entry, Drugs and Violence

Bridget Porter, N. D. R. I., Inc.
Eloise Dunlap, N. D. R. I., Inc.
Bruce D. Johnson, N. D. R. I., Inc.

This paper describesunstable "coupling" prevailing in the inner city referred to as transient domesticity. Men come and go between households, typically staying less than one year in any one place. These experiences are punctuated by prison jail terms. Drug use and violence are commonplace. This paper explores these transient males' attitudes toward women, children and society and the criminal justice system. It also examines their difficulties exacerbated by societies' attitude and interaction with the criminal justice system. They experience difficulty in obtaining or maintaining any type of self-sustaining stabilization force in their lives and the roles of their partners, mothers and children in this equation.

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Updated 05/20/2006