International Human Rights Laws and Transnational Crime: Can the International Criminal Court Statute Be Used to Prosecute Transnational Criminals?

Jeffrey R. Skoll, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Arguably, the world community's greatest concern about transnational crime is its attendant violence against human rights. Major actors in transnational crime may be implicated in crimes against humanity as they use murder, torture, and kidnapping to systematically terrorize, subdue, and exploit local populations. Where transnational criminal organizations actively commit such acts as part of subnational armed conflict, such as in Colombia, they may also be liable to prosecution as war crimes.

Bringing transnational crimes before an international tribunal holds out the possibility of accountability where national governments are too weak or too implicated to prosecute. It also offers a hope of justice to populations who are otherwise victimized and exploited with impunity.

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Updated 05/20/2006