A Study on Violence at School in the U.S. and Korea

Jung-Mi Kim, Michigan State University

This study intends to give an overview of what is known about the violent phenomenon around the school and to reveal the extent and nature of juvenile victimization around schools in the U.S and Korea. To better understand the causation of the violence, this study also examine the relationship of hypothesized predictors related to school with delinquent behavior. Based on the general strain theory (GST), this study points to another major source of strain and its effect on delinquency. In particular, as the GST has argued that strains from various sources are most responsible for the delinquency in a certain society, higher education oriented school culture is addressed, as a major source of strain on adolescents in Korean society. This study employs a national sample data gathered by Korean National Institute of Criminology to address the issues above. The results support that school, as the major source of strain, has a direct and indirect effect on delinquency. This study suggests a new direction for the development of strain theory, and implications for future research on GST are discussed.

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Updated 05/20/2006