Criminological Theory and Its Relationship to Criminal Justice: Practical Applications or Simply Academic Discourse?

Rosalva Resendiz, University of Texas Pan American
John Randolph Fuller, State University of West Georgia
Mindy Wilson, Pennsylvania State University
Eric Wakem Hickey, California State University - Fresno

This roundtable will discuss what relationship academic criminology theories has with criminal justice focusing on the question as to whether they have practical applications or are they simply academic materials for discussion. M.L. Dantzker will begin the session with an introduction to this possible quandary. He will then be followed by the other participants who each address different aspects: Rosalva Resendiz will discuss integrating critical criminology into criminal justice programs; Eric Hickey looks at how psychological theories are used and misused to understand and treat serial murderers and sex offenders; Mindy Wilson looks at symbolic interaction theories that can be used to explain hate crimes; and John Randolph Fuller examines how critical criminology theories are used to address sex roles, capitalism, and the war on crime. M.L. Dantzker will then summarize and facilitate audience discussion.

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Updated 05/20/2006