John Court: Comparison of Characteristics, Sexual Behavior and Sexual Attitudes of Clients of Prostitutes

Alan Dudley Brown III, University of Oklahoma
Pamela Preston, Penn State University Schuylkill

The project presents a unique appliction of case-control methodology to investigate the differences between those men arrested for soliciting sexual favors from sex workers in four American cities. Using case-control methodology to highlight the substantive differences between men who solicit those who do not, this project will make an original and significant contribution to criminal justice policies that address clients of prostitutes rther than prostitutes themselves. Diversion programs such as the one employed in the cities under investigation must take into account the importance of culturally based differences among prostitute clients along the lines of race/ethnicity, attitudes toward women, and by extension female sex workers, and the sexual scripts they use in their interactions with prostitute women. This analysis will be important in the develo9pment of programs, training and eduation modules, as well as making a contribution to the paucity of literature in the social and behavioral sciences on clients of prostitutes.

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Updated 05/20/2006