Psychometric Characteristics and Short-Term Stability of the PCL:YV and Its Relation to the Youth Psychopathic Inventory

Jennifer Skeem, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Elizabeth Cauffman, University of Pittsburgh

Most measures of "juvenile psychopathy" are direct downward extensions of adult measures of this disorder. Despite concerns about the developmental appropriateness of measures of juvenile psychopathy, a growing body of literature indicates that the measures are moderately predictive of adolescents' involvement in institutional and community violence. Based on a sample of 100 juvenile offenders, we present preliminary data on the psychometric characteristics and short-term stability of the leading measure of juvenile psychopathy (the Psychopathy Checklist: Youth Version) and a promising self-report measure of this construct (the Youth Psychopathic Inventory). We also present data on the extent to which these measures assess similar constructs. We discuss the implications of this work for research and practice, focusing on the contexts in which it is (and is not) appropriate to use these measures to inform decision-making about adolescent offenders.

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Updated 05/20/2006