Program Analysis of Esuba: Women Helping Women Turn Abuse Around

Karensa Pate, Florida State University
Laura Bedard, Florida State University

This psycho-educational abuse and violence intervention program has been running in Florida's female prisons since 1990. This study addresses whether the Esuba program has an impact on female offenders who participated and for whom it had the greatest impact. Thyrough cluster analysis, four optimal group solutions for offenders who completed the Rosenberg Scale at two measurement occasions were used. Members of Cluster 3, mixed group of offenders with aggressive offenses, and members of Cluster 4, young, white, less aggressive, female offenders appear to benefit from the program. This presentation will provide an outline of this offender treatment program and review the preliminary outcomes. The results from this initial investigation are promising and provide a foundation for program development and continued investigation.

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Updated 05/20/2006