Corporate Violence Against Women: An Examination of Garment Workers in U.S. Sweatshops

Danielle McGurrin, Stonehill College

This research examines domestic and global case studies of garment industry sweatshops utilizing the framework of corporate violence against women and children. Informed by feminist criminology, white-collar crime, and human rights literature, this research explores how corporate decision-makers knowingly and recklessly create dangerous working conditions, increase long-term health hazards and illnesses, and depress wages by suppressing women and children's rights to organize for safer working conditions and livable wages. This research also focuses upon the corporate public relations campaign used to conceal law violations and human rights abuses, and the crimes of omission by the State in ignoring these harms. Lastly, this research looks at the activism by women sweatshop workers and the grassroots anti-sweatshop movements shaping globally that seek to eliminate this insidious form of violence against women and children.

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Updated 05/20/2006