On the Relationship Between Violent Recidivism and Violent Death

Alex R. Piquero, University of Florida
John M. MacDonald, University of South Carolina
Leah MacAdams, University of Cincinnati

The relationship between criminal behavior and risk for early death has been observed in several empirical efforts. However, the factors associated with this relationship have not received sustained attention. In this paper, we examine the prediction emanating from Gottfredson and Hirschi's general theory of crime that the predictors of criminal behavior are the same as the predictors of analogous-type behaviors, including the experience of an early death. To examine this issue, we employ data on two cohorts of serious offenders paroled from the California Youth Authority and followed for five years to examine the joint covariation between violent recidivism and risk for death from violence. In particular, we also examine the extent to which theoretically-derived causal factors can Account for the relationship between violent recidivism and violent death as well as the extent to which the causal factors influence violent recidivism and violent death in the same manner.

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Updated 05/20/2006