Incarcerated Women, Anger and Prison

Luz M. Roman Rivera, University of Illinois at Chicago

Are women in prison angrier than men in prison? An exhaustive look at quantitative and qualitative research that studied anger in prisons population in the United States and Puerto Rico for the past 20 years is proposed. Studies where anger was compared between female prison inmates and male prison inmates will have special attention. A look at how anger was conceptualized and measured will be also of much importance when compared by gender. In addition, I will look at whether the research gathered life history data of their subjects and how these are compared with their measured anger. What were the recommendations given based on their findings? Has the research of anger between female and male prison inmates' population determined why they are angry? What are the differences between the reasons why and gender, race, ethnicity, and class? What are the corrections policy implications of these research results? Is understanding inmates' anger a safety issue in prison?

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Updated 05/20/2006