New Directions in Funding Local Initiatives

Rip Rapson, McKnight Foundation

The McKnight Foundation has three goals related to children, families and communities: (1) to encourage children's emotional security, social development, and academic achievement; (2) to strengthen families' capacity to support, nurture, and guide their children; and (3) to create supportive communities at the neighborhood and city levels. This presentation will review how a wide variety of local initiatives currently funded by the McKnight Foundation support the efforts of programs that target high risk children and families. Grants by the foundation support system reform and services for students with challenges, enrichment and development opportunities for youth, parent education and strengthening the public infrastructure that serves families, programs that educate men to assume full fatherhood responsibilities in child rearing, and programs to prevent abuse and provide protection and healing for victims. McKnight grants also support public policy initiatives, including welfare reform, neighborhood and supportive housing, and overcoming barriers to employment success. Future directions in these areas will discussed

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Updated 05/20/2006