Alternative Police Intervention: Contributions of Freire's Dialogical Pedagogy and Catastrophe Theory in Generating the 'Third Way'

Richard P. Robles, Northeastern Illinois University

The objective of this research is to explore feasible alternatives to police intervention and conflict resolution. Although there is currently instruction offered to police on conflict resolution and de-escalation, it does not adequately desribe the various underlying mechanisms at play during a conflict. The intended results of my research is to provide positive proactive measures that police officers can apply to various conflict situations that they encounter. Concurrently, my research will provide a description of the "pocket of compromise," the so-called "third way" described in catastrophe theory. It will also provide an integration and application of dialogical pedagogy. The pocket of compromise, according to catastrophe theorists, is the surfacing of a brief moment, a space, during a conflict that can serve as a dynamic (far-from-equilibrium) space within which to diffuse the situation and end the confrontation in that very instant. It can also be a moment to help create a positive bond between the two disputants that would prevent future conflicts.

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Updated 05/20/2006