Continued Anti-Democracy in America: The War on Drugs as a Current Example

Deborah Burris-Kitchen, Tennessee State University

This paper traces the history of anti-democracy against people of color in America. It looks at how laws have justified the violence, brutality, devaluation, and continued human rights violations against minorities. More recently, the use of drug laws to justify the 4th Amendment violations and increased incarceration rates of blacks and Latinos. It puts the acceptance of these practices in the context of Stephan Pfhol's model of power and knowledge, and how most members of American society don't question the way the criminal justice system deals with the War on Drugs, no do they question the fact that we have been fighting this war for over three decades and we are still loosing it. The researcher will look specifically at the differences between police and communities members acceptance of these practices, with hopes of finding significant differences between blacks, whites, police, and non-police in acceptance of these new policies.

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Updated 05/20/2006