Black and Blue in Nashville

Celestia Ware III, Tennessee State University
Deborah Burris-Kitchen, Tennessee State University

This study investigates the impact of race on policing in Nashville, Tennessee. It looks at how black police officers interpret and impose racial profiling on minority suspects, and their interpretations of the differences between policing minority communities and white communities. It also investigates police interpretation of police brutality and police force imposed on minority suspects. The study is a qualitative study in which interviews are conducted in focus groups of police officers in Nashville. There was a comparison done of black and white police officers on the aforementioned topics. Once the study is completed we hope to investigate the results of these interviews and conclude by supporting our hypothesis that states: there will be no difference between the way black and white officers feel about racial profiling, excessive use of force, and police brutality in minority communities.

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Updated 05/20/2006