Early Child Maltreatment, Runaways, and Violence and Victimization in Adolescence: An Analysis of Mediation Pathways

Bu Huang, University of Washington
Min-Jung Kim, University of Washington
Emiko A. Tajima, University of Washington
Todd I. Herrenkohl, University of Washington

Childhood experiences of abuse are documented risk factors for a range of adverse outcomes, including future violence and victimization. This study explores running away from home as a possible mediator of the relationship between early child maltreatment and adolescent outcomes. Of special interest is the mechanism linking childhood maltreatment and subsequent victimization in adolescence among females. Controlling for age, SES and race/ethnicity, we explore the extent to which running away mediates this relationship. The data from the Lehigh Longitudinal Study are gender balanced (46% female), offering a valuable opportunity to investigate this relationship among females. Findings from the final model will be presented and implications for practitioners working with maltreated children and teen runaways will be discussed.

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Updated 05/20/2006