Overview of and Update on the National Evaluation of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students

Pamela K. Lattimore, RTI International

This paper will present an update on the national evaluation of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative, a federal program sponsored by the US Departments of Education, Justice and Health and Human Services to promote healthy childhood development and a safe school environment. The Initiative provides support for school districts in partnership with law enforcement and local social service agencies to identify, develop and implement programs, policies and services in six 'domain' areas. These six areas are school safety, safe school policies; alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention and intervention; early childhood measures; mental health programs and services; and early childhood. A comprehensive, multi-method evaluation of the implementation and impact of this Initiative is currently underway. Findings from the first two waves of data collection will be presented, following a brief overview of the evaluation methodology.

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Updated 05/20/2006