Why Are They Dying: Gender and Suicide in Correctional Facilities

Kelly Woods Wright, University of Oklahoma

A growing concern among social sciences has been violence in correctional facilities and how rates differ by sex. The concern is whether the violence within jails and prisons leads to self-destructive forms of crime such as suicide. This study will examine rates of violence within adult correctional facilities and its correlation with suicide rates. The assumption is that facilities with high rates of in-house violence among the inmates have higher suicide rates. In addition, this study will make comparisons of violence and suicide rates of males to that of females. This study will also look at what other characteristics the facilities with high rates of violence have. These would include cell assignment and size, work assignment availability, educational programs, other special programs, etc. The data I will be using will be from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and the National Institute of Justice. This study will help with regards to decreasing violence in correctional facilities and making them safer places for inmates and staff.

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Updated 05/20/2006