A Conceptual Framework for Evaluating Community Justice Partnership Initiatives

Caterina Gouvis Roman, The Urban Institute
Gretchen E. Moore, The Urban Institute
Susan M. Jenkins, Caliber Associates
Adele V. Harrell, The Urban Institute

With the rapidly growing interest in the utility and effectiveness of initiatives that give voice to citizen concerns and enables community restoration alongside public safety goals, it is increasingly critical that evaluations understand the dynamic processes involved in the implementation and maintenance of partnerships between justice agencies and community organizations. The central question behind the research presented is "What are the factors that facilitate and strengthen the ability of community organizations to participate in community justice partnerships?" The paper is based on a study that reviewed the role of community organizations and the myriad of contextual issues--social, economic, political and spatial--that challenge or foster their ability to effect positive change. The presentation lays out a framework for understanding the multiple levels and dimensions of capacity building among justice agencies and community organizations for community justice outcomes. The research is designed as a baseline to begin to establish the correlates of successful community justice programs and initiatives.

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Updated 05/20/2006