Critical Perspectives on Transportability

Scott Okamoto, Arizona State University

Is it possible for evidence-based treatments to address the variability of real-world practice? This portion of our panel presentation will address this question by examining the recent discourse on transportability. Transportability research examines "the movement of efficacious interventions to usual-care settings" (Schoenwald & Hoagwood, 2001, p. 1192). If evidence-based treatment research attempts to encompass all of the system, agency, and therapeutic variables present in real-world practice (e.g., clinician turnover, location and service hours of the facility, comorbidity of the child's disorder, parental substance abuse or pathology, etc.), will this research be rendered incomprehensible? Further, do practitioners' perceptions and views "fit in" to the discourse on transportability? This portion of our panel presentation will address these questions and will discuss alternatives to transportability research.

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Updated 05/20/2006