Client Motivational Effects on Drug Court Outcomes

Clifford A. Butzin, University of Delaware
Christine A. Saum, University of Delaware
Frank Scarpitti, University of Delaware

The influence of client's initial motivation on drug court treatment retention and post-treatment success, as well as the impact of the drug court itself on motivation, are examined. Outcomes are preliminary follow-up results for respondents 12 months after treatment discharge, with results from self-reports and urinalyses. Respondents include those who participated in a drug court diversion program for first-time offenders, a post-adjudicatory drug court program for sentenced offenders, and a control group of clients who attended the same treatment programs, but not under the supervision of the drug court. Focus is upon the impact of each mode of treatment entry on client motivation, and the possible interactions of motivational status with success within each modality.

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Updated 05/20/2006