Juvenile Drug Court Operations: Description of Six Sites

Ruth M. White, The Urban Institute
Christine DeStefano, Caliber Associates

This paper will discuss key components and recent innovations across six juvenile drug court sites. As part of the National Evaluation of Juvenile Drug Courts, the Urban Institute studied juvenile drug court operations in: Missoula (MT), Jersey City (NJ), Las Cruces (NM), Dayton (OH), and Charleston (SC), and Orlando (FL). The evaluation collected data on the origins and developmental history of each drug court, including the organizational dynamics that led to the initiation and implementation of the program. Topics include the challenges faced by drug courts, the scope of their service networks, availability of treatment resources, gaps and barriers to service delivery, and the stability or fragility of operational arrangements. The paper will present the key organizational challenges common to these courts as well as innovative practices developed in response to operating challenges.

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Updated 05/20/2006