Estimating Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Dependence Among a National Sample of Arrestees

Heidi Powell, University of Maryland at College Park
George Yacoubian, Jr., McFarland and Associates, Inc.

While a plethora of literature has explored the relationship between drug use and violence, few studies have utilized an objective measure of recent drug use. Moreover, no studies have examined this relationship over time. In the current study, data collected from the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM) Program between 1990 and 1999 are utilized to explore the temporal relationship between drug use and violence among national arrestees. Chi-square statistics are utilized to compare drug-positive rates between arrestees charged with violence offenses and those offenders charged with non-violence offenders for each year during the time frame. In addition, multivariate logistic regression is utilized to predict arrest for a violent offense. Implications for the criminal justice system is discussed in light of the current findings.

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Updated 05/20/2006