Ronin: A Police Officer's Fall Into the Federal Correctional System

Andrew Ferguson, Federal Correctional Institution
Barbara H. Zaitzow, Appalachian State University
Lisa Ann Kyes, Appalachian State University

ABSTRACT One's view of the United States' criminal justice system is shaped by the conflict between conventional wisdom and one's own personal experience. Very often, the only way someone can learn how they individually contribute to the problems of our justice system is to be exposed and immersed into the system itself. This paper is the first in a series in which the "story" of a former law enforcement officer, recent recipient of a graduate degree, and relatively new "resident" of the federal prison system is shared with the "free" world. While practitioners and academics debate the management of individuals who might, administratively, be defined as "protective custody" material, the voices of those who "live federal time" are heard throughout this narrative.

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Updated 05/20/2006