Prior Sexual Abuse Reported by Male Inmates in Turkey

Sevil Atasoy, Istanbul University
Neylan Ziyalar, Istanbul University
Tanil M. Baskan, Istanbul University
Sinem Yildiz, Istanbul University

This paper presents data from convicts reporting sexual abuse before and after sentencing. A total of 802 adult male convicts incarcerated in 17 correctional facilities throughout the country were surveyed using "The Survey of Inmates in Correctional Facilities (SICF)" 1.4 % of male convicts (n=802) reported they have been sexually abused. Age 32.911. 63.63% were sexually abused before age 18, % 9 before and after age 18, 27.28% after age 18. 54.54% of the sexually abused male convicts reported said they had known their abusers. % 45.46 of the persons were sexually abused more than one time. 29% of all male convicts in Turkey (717.342) were serving a sentence for homicide in the year 2000. 33.3% of the surveyed persons with former sexual victimization had committed homicide. Among men reporting abuse before prison 33.3% were serving a sentence for sexual assault including rape. On the other hand only 1.95 % of the general male convict population was serving a sentence for sexual assault including rape. As rape is heavily underreported in Turkey these figures are certainly higher. But nevertheless it can be stated that a past of abuse is specifically linked to sexual assault and homicide. An estimated 65% of sexually abused men had used illegal drugs regularly. About 82% sexually abused men reported drinking regularly at some time in their lives.

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Updated 05/20/2006