Welcome to the Last Chance Saloon Bail Supervision and Support and Its Young Offenders

Robert Hornsby, University of Durham

As a focal element of the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales central aim to 'reduce youth offending' the bail supervision and support schemes integrated with Youth Offending Teams are an intrinsic part of this overall aim. Bail supervision and support is targeted at those young offenders perceived to be at risk of being remanded into custody or local authority accommodation while awaiting trial for their suspected offences. This paper presents a case study of research at one such scheme in the north of England. For a significant minority of 'hardcore' persistent young offenders referred to and accepted onto the scheme, the research findings argue that this particular aspect of youth justice intervention offers little in its central aim to reduce re-offending for a significant minority of young people on bail. This paper contends that although the scheme proposes pragmatic interventions for the majority of its target group for a significant sub-sample of its population the scheme offers little by way of interventions that are aimed at transforming their criminal activities while on bail.

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Updated 05/20/2006