Fine and Restitution Remittance: The Effect of Offender, Probation Officer and Court-Based Factors

Michael S. Vigorita, Rowan College

The paper will present analysis of factors that affect probationers' payments of fines and restitution. We examine the impact of the Comprehensive enforcement Program (CEP), as well as offender and probation officer attitudes and practices on the repayment of fines and restitution. CEP is a court-based hearing for offenders who are in arrears and is designed to increase the amount of monies paid. With regard to offender attitudes, we test the hypothesis that offenders who believe that their original and CEP cases were disposed of fairly and believe that "justice" was done will be more likely to remit payment. We also examine the effect of probation officer attitudes and enforcement strategies on remittance. Analysis will be based on data from interviews with offenders, probation officers and financial data from the Comprehensive Automated Probation System, (CAPS).

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Updated 05/20/2006