Policing International Terrorism: Options

Austin T. Turk, University of California - Riverside

Analysis of issues and options in efforts to curtail international terrorism, focusing on recent and current events. Key issues include (1) the legal orientation toward individualized justice when dealing with organizations, networks, and movements; and (2) the problem of balancing (a) repression of immediate threats with (b) policies aimed at the conditions under which terrorist ideologies are generated and accepted--which means going beyond "public relations" rhetorics to real investments in alleviating the social injuustices that fuel terrorism. Options for dealing with terrorism are reviewed, including monitoring (e.g. profiling of travelers), extradition of suspects, extraction of "known" terrorists, confiscation of assets, isolation and harassment (e.g., anti-terrorism coalition politics), and war (both "low intensity" and total).

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Updated 05/20/2006