Evaluation of the School Family Violence Project

Katarzyna Celinska, Illinois Violence Prevention Authority

This research evaluates the School Family Violence Project (SFVP) created through a partnership between the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority's (IVPA) Safe to Learn Grant Program and the Illinois Family Violence Coordinating Council (IFVCC). The SFVP is a school-based model for addressing family violence using the IFVCC's manual, Schools Respond to Family Violence: A Guidebook for Educators. Teachers and school staff in three Illinois pilot sites are being trained on the content and use of the manual.

The evaluation of this project is based on the School Family Violence Surveys, a series of pre- and post-tests designed to capture the changes in the knowledge, attitudes, and experience of trained participants. In addition, process evaluation focuses on the implementation of the project in each of three sites, including identified project strengths and weaknesses. The results of this study are complemented by the school and community violence data.

This project is an important step in addressing family violence issues. Educational institutions provide a unique setting outside of the home for responding to the instances of family violence.

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Updated 05/20/2006