An Outcome Analysis of a New Jersey Day Reporting Center

Rob Guerette, Rutgers University
Travis C. Pratt, Washington State University
Bonita M. Veysey, Rutgers University

Despite considerable growth in the use of community alternatives to incarceration, few programs falling under the broad heading of "intermediate sanctions" have been subjected to empirical analysis. With few exceptions, most evaluations that have been conducted are plagued by a number of methodological shortcomings which, in part, have contributed to the absence of a firm understanding of what types of community-level alternatives to incarceration may be most effective in reducing recidivism. Accordingly, using a large sample of paroled offenders from a day reporting center in New Jersey over a four-year time period, along with a matched sample of parolees under standard parole supervision, we conducted an outcome evaluation to determine the program's efficacy. The implications for correctional policy and future evaluations are discussed.

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Updated 05/20/2006