Issues in Implementing an Intensive Supervision Program for Mid-Risk Youth

Karen A. Hennigan, University of Southern California
Cheryl L. Maxson, University of California, Irvine
Sheldon Zhang, San Diego State University

The Los Angeles County Probation Department is trying a new approach to serving mid-risk youth who are put on probation for the first time. Over the last two years, the county has been implementing this new community-based program. The program is build around a collaboration between probation staff and social service staff who are collocated at the same site. The model features case planning to coordinate needed services for the youth ands their families, intensive supervision of youth using a graduated sanctions protocol, and daily after-school activities including tutoring, mentoring, recreation and substance abuse education A comprehensive evaluation of this program is underway. This presentation reports preliminary findings from the process evaluation that relates aspects of ten unique sites participating and gender and risk level of client to services received, agency characteristics including philosophic approaches to service delivery, and risk levels of participating youth to program implementation goals and initial program completion goals.

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Updated 05/20/2006