American Jihad: Odinism, Prison Gangs and the Threat of Racial Holy War

Randy Blazak, Portland State University

While the world is focused on terrorism stemming from Islamic fundamentalists, there is another religious terrorist group that seeks to overthrow the American society. Odinists have emerged out of the skinhead and white supremacist movement as "cultural heritage" organizations, based on Nordic mythologies. They have grown out of adult prison subcultures, modeling themselves after Muslim groups. Many Odinists have a clear agenda of "Rahowa", or Racial Holy War. Rahowa ranges from simple racial separatism to the destruction of the Jewish people and all those not loyal to the Aryan cause. This paper explores the terrorist tendencies of Odinists. Based on interviews with members of Odinist groups and penitentiary workers, the paper presents evidence that a significant threat exists.

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Updated 05/20/2006