Sex Offenders With Learning Disabilities: An Evaluation

Manos Daskalou, University College Northampton

Researching sex offenders (SO) is a relatively recent development where scientists try to understand reasons for sexual deviance. Research this far has indicated that there are different parameters (like age, sex, age of victim, type of the offence etc.) that define the diversity of sex offenders. This research investigates sex offenders with learning disabilities (SOLD) that are currently located in English prisons. Sex offenders with learning disabilities are underrepresented in social scientific research. This research aims to look at the similarities and differences between sex offenders in general and sex offenders with learning disabilities. Identifying the nature of sex offenders with learning disabilities can have policy implications regarding the way to police and treat them. In other countries research in the area has introduced policy changes that can be proved to be cost effective and rewarding for the offenders as well as the staff working with them.

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Updated 05/20/2006