Assessment of the Sources of Stress and Its Effect on Job Satisfaction Among Correction Officers in South Korea

Byongook Moon, Michigan State University
Sheila Royo Maxwell, Michigan State University

In the functioning of correctional institutions, corrections officers play a crucial role because they create and maintain the environment within the prison and have direct contact with inmates (Glaser, 1964; Thomas, 1972). Recognizing the importance of corrections officers' role in correctional institutions, many issues related to corrections officers have been examined. Among these issues, researchers have increasingly paid attention to the area of correctional officer stress and stress-related problems. Studies found that corrections officers experience excessive stress, which leads to physical illness, burnout, family problems or the inability of corrections officers to perform their duties in ways that compromise institutional safety, cost money, and create stress for other staffs (Finn, 2000). However, most of the studies that examined the causes and negative consequence of corrections officers' stress were conducted in the Western countries. Very few studies have examined stress and stress related-problems among corrections officers in other countries. The present study, therefore, examines the sources and the extent of stress among corrections officers in South Korea and the effect of these on job satisfaction.

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Updated 05/20/2006