The Causes and Consequences of Child Psychopathology: An Assessment by Race/Ethnicity

Cynthia Perez McCluskey, Michigan State University
Roni Mayzer, Michigan State University

This study examines risk factors for child psychopathology and assesses the influence of child mental health on juvenile delinquency. Specifically, risk factors and outcomes are examined by ethnicity in an attempt to determine whether the etiology and behavioral consequences of child psychopathology are consistent across Whites, African Americans, and Latinos. Data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth are utilized to examine early childhood risk factors, child psychopathology, and adolescent outcomes. Mental problems in childhood have been linked with later violent and serious juvenile delinquency, however, little is known about the consistency of relationships by ethnicity. This study examines key relationships as they unfold over the life course among a multiethnic sample of youth. Analyses will be conducted separately by ethnicity to determine whether the causes and consequences of childhood psychopathology are similar for racial/ethnic groups.

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Updated 05/20/2006