Factors That Influence the Employment of Ex-Offenders

Pamela Loose, Loyola University of Chicago

The present research in the field has limited knowledge of the challenges and motivating factors that ex-offenders face upon their return to the community. The current research focuses on the ability of ex-offenders to locate employment opportunities. The goal of this research was to examine the factors involved in gaining and maintaining employment after incarceration. Sixty individuals were interviewed at a Midwestern community based provider of employment services for ex-offenders. This research will determine the characteristics and backgrounds of the agency's clientele and how the clients learned about the agency. It will also examine the problem that ex-offenders have in gaining employment and the factors that motivate them to seek employment. Participants were recruited for a personal interview in which they were asked questions regarding the challenges to finding and maintaining employment, their support systems, what is motivating them to seek employment and what influences their ability to find and maintain employment.

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Updated 05/20/2006