The Radical and Critical Foundation of Peacemaking Criminology

Christopher R. Williams, State University of West Georgia
John Randolph Fuller, State University of West Georgia

In their 1991 book of readings on peacemaking criminology Pepinsky and Quinney identified three intellectual traditions that form the foundation of this new way to conceptualize crime and criminals. These traditions, religious and humanist, feminist, and critical, offer a useful way to explore the historical ideas and theorists on which peacemaking criminology rests. Some observers such as Ronald Akers have questioned the appropriateness of linking peacemaking criminology to critical theorists such as Marx who advocated violence. This paper seeks to explicate how many o the ideas of various critical thinkers can be considered precursors to peacemaking criminology. Additionally, contemporary critial theorists are linked to peacemaking.

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Updated 05/20/2006