Repeat Domestic Violence in the City of Newarl: Prevalence and Policy Opportunities

Marie Mele, Rutgers University

While the study of repeat victimization has lead to better undeerstanding and prevention of crimes such as burglary, robbery, small business crime, and vehicle theft, repeat victimization as it relates to domestic violence has received less empirical attention. The present study further explores the phenomenon of repeat victimization by assessing the nature and extent of repeat domestic violence in the city of Newakr, New Jersey. The study uses official police data (calls for service and incident reports to identify repeat victims of domestic violence, assess the situational factors associated with repeat victimization, and determine the extent to which repeat fictimization contributes to the city's rate of eomestic violence. Preliminary data analysis shows support for previously evidenced elements of the repeat victimization model.

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Updated 05/20/2006