Child's Play: Exploring Disciplinary Offenses Among Juveniles in Adult Prisons

Wanda Hunter, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Schoolyard shootings and other tragic events involving juveniles have been followed by increased numbers of juveniles being transferred to the adult criminal justice system and sentenced to time in state prisons. While criminologists and others discuss the changes in offenders over time, the literature is notably silent concerning the disciplinary infractions committed by such juvenile offenders while serving time in adult prisons. This research explores the number and type of disciplinary offenses committed by juveniles and compares them to disciplinary offenses committed by persons sentenced as youthful adult offenders in Arkansas. It is expected that this research will reveal that juvenile offenders are charged more often than youthful adult offenders. Theoretical explanations for the phenomena will be explored, as well as the developmental make up of an adolescent.

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Updated 05/20/2006