Predictors of Rape Myth Acceptance Among Criminology and Non-Criminology Majors

Dawna Komorosky, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Rape is one of the most commonly committed crimes, yet it often goes unreported (McGregor, Weibe, Marioin, & Livingston, 2000; Richie, 2000). With an increase in literature addressing rape on college campuses, students are aware that rape is a significant social issue. The myths that accompany rape also have a serious negative impact on the victim and need to be addressed. Many Criminology students will become professionals within the criminal justice system. In this capacity, rape myths can influence their perceptions of victims. Due to their pervasiveness, it is important to understand what encourages rape myths in society. The primary emphasis of this study is to investigate the level of rape myth acceptance among students on a university campus, by major, class standing, and gender.

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Updated 05/20/2006