Victimization Among Incarcerated Juveniles in Japan: A Subsequent Report of the National Survey of Inmates in Juvenile Training Schools

Kyoko Fujino, Ministry of Justice, Japan
Hideyuki Hosokawa, Ministry of Justice, Japan

This is the second report of the national survey of inmates in Juvenile Training Schools that provide treatment and education in secure facilities for juvenile offenders. The first report of the last ASC meeting presented the extent of childhood abuse by family members, and suggested possible links between childhood abuse and later criminal behavior. The aims of this report are: to show the rate of physical and/or sexual victimization among inmates by others including non-family-members before incarceration; to demonstrate the overlap of various victimizations; and to outline the key differences among the 4 groups of inmates with victimization histories by both family and non-family, only family, only non-family, and neither family nor non-family.

Overall, 70% of the 2,354 respondents were victimized by both family and non-family members. Statistically, a history of victimization by family is more likely to associate victimization by non-family. The group victimized by both family and non-family shows earlier arrest and history of more institutionalization than other groups.

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Updated 05/20/2006