Organized Crime: A Study in the City of Chennai

C.K. Gandhirajan, DIG of Police

Organized Crime is on the rise in Chennai. Recent murders in the city have either been a fallout of inter-gang rivalry or mercenary killings. In the last few months at least five prominent gangsters were slain. A social worker was murdered recently in broad daylight and in public view. According to reports, the victim had mobilized public opinion against local goons and reportedly paid the price for it. Recent killings have shown that gangsters are not just organized, but meticulous in their operations. It also gives an indication of the extent of planning that goes into the execution of a crime. One need not be surprised. This is base on a research study on 'Organised crime - a study of criminal gangs in Chennai, among 59 criminal gangs and 341 criminals who share 1351 police cases between them. The study revealed that gangs have hierarchy, territorial limits, and strike strategic alliances.

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Updated 05/20/2006