Police Victimization by Violent Suspects in Korea

Sunghoon Roh, Sam Houston State University
Junseob Moon, Sam Houston State University

Even though violent encounters between police and citizen frequently result in harm to police officers, as well as to citizens, the previous studies mostly have paid attention to excessive use of force by police rather than use of force against police by violent suspects. The purpose of this study is to examine the correlates affecting police victimization in police-citizen violent contacts and to analyze fear for future victimization perceived by injured police officers. Samples are drawn from Korean police officers who reported violence on themselves by suspects. This study adopts a somewhat different approach to the issue of citizen-police violent encounters from the previous studies in that police officers are viewed as a victim of crime, referred to as violence by suspects. That is, focus is shifted from police as a subject of violence to police as an object of violence in this study. Then, the final part of the study is devoted to discussion about legal and administrative policy implications, based upon outcomes emerged from the study.

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Updated 05/20/2006