Drug Courts and Race: Evaluating the Disparity of Referrals to a Drug Court Treatment Program

Daniel C. Dahlgren, Kent State University, Stark Campus
Peter C. Kratcoski, Kent State University, Stark Campus
Denise Buckenburger, Kent State University

Upon evaluating the CHANCE Program of Stark County in 2001, it was found that African Americans were more likely to be charged with felony 4 possessions in contrast to the felony 5 charges received by their Caucasian counterparts (Kratcoski and Dahlgren, 2001). A subsequent analysis of over 6000 felony charges of the Stark County Court of Common Pleas in the years 1999-2001 was performed, with a specific focus on drug charges. The findings are discussed in relation to the community correction opportunity of the drug court, and the stipulation that felony 3 drug offenders are denied eligibility.

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Updated 05/20/2006